New Props!

Some of my new props!
About 1/3 of the new acquisitions!

I must confess that I come from a family of pack-rats (hence my earlier photoblog, Packrat Photography!) It can really come in handy when searching for props however! A couple of weeks ago I put the word out that I was searching for a Tiara.  I’m creating a fun session for my two year old niece where she’ll be a punk princess (Daddy’s Girl!) and every princess needs a crown!  So my Aunt Polly, the greatest of the pack-rats in my family, tells me she’s sure she has one, she’s just not sure where.  I don’t know if this was a good excuse to get started or if she’d been planning all along, but she thought it might be in her studio which was kind of a wreck. (I actually can’t quite remember where we packed it now!)

New Suitcases
Somewhere in one of these might be the Tiara...

Aunt Polly lives in Charleston, SC about two blocks away from the Citadel.  A few years ago she converted her garage into a studio space, permanently closing off the lifting door and installing A/C.  She has several shelves packed with neatly labeled boxes.  I once helped her begin to inventory the collections she stores here and became a little discouraged when I realized she had 72 orange linen tea napkins.  Orange was not the only color, linen was not the only fabric, and she certainly has a napkin for every occasion.   She also collects vintage tea sets, picnic baskets, china, silver plated flatware, all manner of linens, tole painted trays… the list goes on!  There are certain rules she has for collecting, but she has access to a lot of great old treasures in the lowcountry.

Toy trains and Tin soldiers... Christmas is early

Saturday I went down to retrieve the Tiara among other props she thought I might be able to use. Thank goodness I brought the truck and thank goodness I left my husband!  There’s no way I could have fit it all in otherwise, and true to coastal summers it rained off and on all day.  Some of the props will need a little TLC before they will be used but I have a ton of ideas running through my mind!  Check out some of my recent acquisitions… I adore the vintage suitcases!


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