Not quite newborn, but still pretty and new!


~ Eleanor Paige, 8 weeks ~


Ahh, the wonderful world of infant photography!  Murphy’s Law, anything that can go wrong wrong will go wrong, applies doubly in this business.  Or triple-y?  My business in particular has been changing and since splitting from Dixon & DiPietro and returning to my roots as Amanda Jean, I’m also returning to working on location when possible, and from my apartment’s pseudo studio space.  While I prefer working in a clients home, or favorite place, particularly for newborn and infant images, a traditional studio set up is still quite beautiful.  I love creative images, but even my parents halls are lined with those classic posed images of themselves and then us growing up.  There is something to be said for tradition, especially when it comes to using photographs to decorate your homes.  Grouping images, like generations of first portraits, tells a story about your family and gives a sense of history to even the most modern of spaces.  Plus it’s fun to see how similar and different the pictures can be!  Here are a few teasers from my latest session.


A little gigle


However, I digress, and how can I with such a beautiful little girl to show off?  Eleanor Paige is just at 8 weeks old in these images, and had come down with the sniffles just the night before.   Mommy was quite stressed out arriving to our session because her GPS gave her crazy directions.  Baby Ellie could probably sense some of Mom‘s anxiety, but I also broke some of my cardinal rules.  Always feed, burp and change baby right before we begin.  Why?  It may take some extra time, but in general these are the biggest reasons for infants to fuss and cry and most parents aren’t looking for images of that!  With children this young most sessions are spent soothing and calming them.  As they get older, more accustomed to the flash and having their picture taken things become a lot smoother.  Parents also worry that their children aren’t acting “right” or “normal” during a session and walk away worried it has not gone well.  Never fear!  I try to avoid showing parents images while we shoot so that they aren’t focused on the final product.  That’s what you pay me for!  Rest assured that gorgeous photos are in your future.


A traditional pose, but so classic one can't resist!


Her older cousin, two years old, also attended the session.  As a side note, I don’t recommend this.  Another adult can be helpful with changing, soothing and as a potential back drop assistant.  Children are usually a distraction for at least one and sometimes both adults.   If you must bring older children along, as sometimes is the case, then pack a bag of low key activities, like coloring books, building blocks or puzzles.


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