Another beautiful baby collage…

A great way to show off your session images

Baby Ellie breaks our hearts again in this beautiful collage!  It’s sized 20×20 and pricing is available upon request.  This is a fantastic way to show off your session images if you are on a budget, tight on space or just can’t pick a favorite! (All photographs that are going to be printed, whether as an individual print, or product, are automatically retouched for facial blemishes, uneven skin tone, bruises/cuts, etc.   They also feature eye brightening, and when applicable, teeth whitening.)  It’s also a great way to get you thinking about displaying your images on your wall.  Imagine how incredible these photographs would be as individual 8×10’s arranged in even rows on the wall of a nursery.  If you purchased our Bundle of Joy Baby Plan, or the Grow with Me! Plan then you could even start with a few favorites from each session and watch your wall grow with your child!

A new product from Amanda Jean!

Amanda Jean Photography is also proud to introduce the 10×20 Storyboard.  It features three images, and custom text.  This can be a fun quote (or your favorite!), bible verse, or your child’s name, age, etc.  Again, this is a great way to display your new images, and an alternative to just prints.  Plus you don’t have to worry about cutting and sizing photographs to fit in those collage frames! (A personal frustration of mine!)

Stay tuned for birth announcements…


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