Quick! Get the camera! He’s being cute!

Baby “K” is one of my favorite little men ever!  He’s always been just a darling boy with a sweet face and even sweeter disposition.  The last time we planned on a session with him, right before his first birthday, he was grumpy and not so keen on cooperating with the lady with the camera.  This time it was a whole new story.  What a difference just a few months can make!
In fact, this child may just grow up to be some sort of engineer. He’s totally obsessed with how things are put together and if it has a button then Watch Out!  He found my camera and studio lights pretty fascinating.
This isn’t much out of the ordinary but I’ve never seen a toddler ignore shelves full of props in favor of my equipment!  Of course, he was ready to help put them away in between sets!  Enjoy!


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