On creating birth announcements…

Creating or choosing the perfect birth announcement is easy! It’s easy when you have a clear head and time… things which new parents tend to run short on.  As with everything else in regards to your new baby, plan ahead.
“An hour of planning saves one to two in execution.”
Start with choosing a color scheme, maybe to match your nursery?  Think about wording.  Will you say, “Introducing our baby {insert name here}” or  something clever?  Obviously some color schemes and wording options are more appropriate for boys versus girls.   If you are not going to find out if you’re having a boy or girl or if you want to meet your baby before committing to a particular design, then you should at least narrow down the choices ahead of time.
Get the shot
Newborns, especially yours, are beautiful. That said, the perfect newborn shot is often as elusive as eight consecutive hours of sleep. So go for a sleeping pose or take a shot of post-feeding bliss. If you’re waiting for that first smile, remember, it won’t happen reliably until around six weeks.  This is where many parents realize the necessity for a quality professional photographer.  Newborns change quickly and it is easy to miss capturing that precious time.  A professional photographer will know how to pose, light and handle your child in order to make sure you can always remember.
Consider black and white
If you cannot afford or are not interested in a professional photographer, then certainly grab your own camera.  An easy way to add a special touch?  Think black-and-white and natural light.   It  is very forgiving of small blemishes like baby acne, scratches and bruises.  There are an endless supply of free programs to change your pictures, and some companies like Walgreens and Shutterfly have the option built in to their printing sites.  This kind of photography can be overused, but it’s popular because removing color helps you focus on the subject, in this case, your adorable new baby!
Get close and personal
If you are using your own images, especially black and white, then make your child’s face the focus of the birth announcement.   Too many cute pictures to narrow it down to just one?  Choose a collage design and add pictures of those cute fingers and toes or proud older siblings.
You may think this is an easy step, and you’ll just whip it up the first time you lay baby down for a nap.  Don’t count on it!  Even with great planning you may find that your child is a month old before you ever manage to get a single picture printed, let alone designed into a birth announcement.  It’s much easier just to be able to drag and drop a photo, and enter in birth stats when you’re struggling to get time for a shower!

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