Tackle this To Do List Item- Sorting and Labeling your Prints

Sorting though photos.
Image by benarent via Flickr

Here’s the nitty gritty of my sorting and labeling process for actual prints:

Organize prints into three piles:

  1. Give: Duplicates you want to give to family and friends
  2. Toss: This isn’t just for pictures that are obviously bad (like dark or blurry) but also ones you simply won’t use.  If it doesn’t tell a story, show something interesting, or otherwise spark an emotion then get rid of it.
  3. Keep: This pile is for pictures you definitely like and want to use (and SHOULD use now that you have no excuses) but don’t be afraid to edit it.  You might have loved a picture when you first saw it, but found another, better version later.  There’s no reason to keep both.

Sort the photos you want to keep by date, people, or event.  Think about how you’ll be looking for them later, and sort to that style.

Minimize the mess of sorting by tackling one box or album at a time.  Keep a box, basket or tub handy to slip your piles so that it can all be swept out of the way when it’s time to move on to something else.

Label! Label! Label! Do this as you sort. Sure you think you’ll never forget who all of these people are, and maybe you won’t.  But chances are that some years down the road someone else will be looking at these and won’t have a clue. Depending on your method of sorting, you could use:

  • Recipe Boxes Add the dates instead of recipe headings and place them between photos
  • Dividers If you’re photos are in an album with rings, simple school supplies can help separate album pages by your category of choice.
  • Photo safe envelopes Labeled and used to store piles
  • Photo safe pens mark the back of the photo with the relevant information.





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