Another beautiful Mommy to Be!

I love the opportunity to work with adults since they tend to take direction better than toddlers, and this beautiful Mommy to be was no exception!  Plus, she was quite a trooper.  Even at 9am the heat and humidity here in Columbia, SC was almost unbearable! AND she let me drag her into the River! Luckily, we’re both pregnant and I don’t have to guess at what point she was getting too hot!  We managed not to melt, and get some fabulous shots.  This session was done at 34 weeks down at Columbia Canal and Riverfront Park.  The location is one of my favorites since it features an old wooden bridge, the old pump house, river views, and a decently maintained bathroom all in a very short distance of each other.  The lighting is perfect early in the morning, and on the right days it’s covered in a gentle mist.  Enjoy a few of our favorites from this session and look for a newborn session to follow shortly!  Congratulations!

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