Welcome Baby “M”

Coming in at 6lbs. 13oz and at the time of this session just 6 days old, this little girl is stealing hearts already!  I love working with newborns.  There is nothing so life changing as a new baby, and it’s so much fun to capture a new family and their joy!

It’s so important to document children at this stage.  Of course, parents will snap hundreds of photos in those first few weeks, but it’s the perfect opportunity to get professional images made of the whole family.  Baby will grow at an amazing rate, and often by the time prints are received Mom and Dad are amazed at how much their new little bundle of joy has grown!

Plus, in those few 10-14 days your newborn still has that sweet fetal curl and will move into position very easily.  In addition, it’s usually too early for any skin conditions like baby acne to have developed, so you really get a sense of their newness and perfection.

In these sessions, it’s the little things that mean the most (no pun intended!).  Tiny fingers and toes are pretty amazing when you stop to appreciate them.

Pretty soon these sleepy little angels will grow up into rambunctious toddlers, rebellious teens and you’ll treasure forever the days when you just couldn’t stop watching their every breath.


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