ADD/ ADHD Coach for College Students

Meet Dr. Elizabeth Heiney, a recent client and a coach for college students with a learning disability struggling to succeed in the academic world.  She helps with transitioning high school students to the college pace and gives them practical solutions for time management, study methods, focusing techniques and more.    Visit her website at and read on to learn more about Dr. Heiney and how she might be the right solution for your college bound teen.

My ADHD Success Story
Like many of you, I successfully managed my ADHD until I reached college. In fact, I had been managing it so well, it had never even been diagnosed. In college, I struggled tremendously to get assignments completed and stay caught up with readings. I couldn’t stay focused long enough to learn anything in class. While today, we know that these problems are common among students with ADHD, 10-15 years ago, understanding Adult ADHD was in its infancy. So with no insight into the reasons for my academic struggles, I pushed through the best way I could. While I was eventually able to complete my undergraduate degree requirements, my GPA suffered, which created barriers to reaching my next goal of attending graduate school. Luckily, it was at this time that I became aware of Adult ADHD and I realized how well the symptoms fit my problems. Soon after, I was officially diagnosed and my world began changing for the better.

Once diagnosed, I began my journey of learning to manage my ADHD and reach my educational and professional goals. In order to do this, I had to understand how my ADHD affected my academic performance (and the rest of my life, for that matter). I read books and articles, went to seminars and developed a network of people for support. Now, despite my “deficits,” I am able to see my ADHD for the gift that it can be. I now devote a large part of my career to educating others about the effects of ADHD on college students. (For a complete list of presentations and publications, see below). As an ADHD Coach, I bring both a personal and professional expertise in the area of understanding the academic needs of college students with ADHD.

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