Growing pains!

As my son nears his first birthday I’ve become quite nostalgic.  I’ve started picking through the images to display at his party and it’s making me a little misty eyed!


He’s one month old in this picture, already a very strong boy with an iron grip on my finger.

We just did his 11 month photo shoot and it’s the most sentimental yet.  The next kid will benefit from all of the ideas I COULD have had, thanks to pinterest, for monthly photo shoots.  For instance, I have a lovely maternity photo (33 weeks!) from Jolene Bailey of Creative Emotion Photography

It would have been great to use my brownie in his newborn session, especially since his first birthday theme is “Gone in a flash!”  Oh well.  You really don’t understand how addled a new mom’s brain can be until you are one yourself!  Instead, I’ve included a toy kaleidoscope camera in this session, which my sister found for me last Christmas and the cradle that’s been passed down for generations.   It was purchased secondhand to rock my grandmother’s older brother around 1920.  It’s rocked every generation since, and was the only bed my son has ever slept in besides my own until this month!  Look for his smash cake session next month!  Have a great week everyone, make a memory, take a picture.


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