Oh Snap! It’s my birthday! (party)

Favors, cake, and plates and utensils table

Okay, so the “One Year Gone in a Flash!” theme isn’t original (see here for the first one I spotted, and here for the second) but it was PERFECT!  I absolutely loved every minute of planning and decorating and baking and cooking and well not the cleaning part.  Thank goodness for family!  Speaking of which, we had an amazing turnout .  So much so that the air conditioning couldn’t hold its own and the icing and chocolate mustache favors began to melt :(.  A HUGE thanks to Heather Ransom of OMNIfotography  Check out some of the highlights.

{The invitation}

I made his smash camera cake from store brand cake mix.  It was really easy, thanks to some icing tips I picked up from watching TLC’s cake boss  (a lot of freezing) and this helpful blog.

Food and decorations were simple but stylish!  I made garlands from digital scrapbook paper I designed in Photoshop.  We put his monthly pictures in a big collage frame I found on clearance from Michael’s.  Linen napkins were from my Aunt’s private collection and I made the favors from candy melts and mold’s found at Michael’s as well.

Delicious cantaloupe and watermelon balls were accompanied by handmade paper cameras. (Find the printable cameras here)

Our babycakes mini donut maker came in handy to deliver fresh fudge frosted devil’s food cake mini donuts and funfetti mini donuts with sprinkles!  Bacon and a breakfast casserole cut into squares helped counter the sweet stuff.

Angel biscuits with honey and jam kept us coming back for more.

We’ve just moved in and haven’t had time to decorate or even frame photos (shame on me!) but I had to get them on the wall for his party at least so sticky tack did the trick!  A milestone canvas in the middle detailed his favorite foods, words and  books, number of teeth and height and weight.  The canvas will match the color scheme in his room and can hang there for at least a year.  Not bad for a yard sale canvas and a couple of hours!

You can’t quite see our shirts, but I LOVE them!  My husband’s sports a polaroid and “Shake it” while mine and my son’s says “Oh snap!”  We got them from this Caustic Threads, a fabulous etsy shop. (I’ll take a better photo soon!)

His time capsule, to be opened on his 18th birthday.  We have angry birds and packers gear, keepsakes from close relatives, photos, wish cards from friends and family, newspapers, coins, etc.  I hope he appreciates it! (Yes you see his name correctly.  His middle name IS Danger!)

And then it was over.  His first year.  I didn’t even cry.  I still can’t believe it!


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